Big Window Labs

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Big Window Labs helps entrepreneurs create sustainable businesses. We think that there is a recipe for Washington, DC businesses that’s different from other regions — one that’s based on a fast path to revenue and profitability rather than its chances of getting acquired or going public. We call them Washington Model businesses, and the short story is: Washington Model businesses are small businesses that generate wealth for their founders.

Big Window seeks out prospective entrepreneurs and looks to reduce the risk and reduce the friction of starting a new Washington Model business. Big Window does it by providing office space, legal services, team building and hands-on mentorship. We aren’t angel investors or venture capitalists, we’re experienced co-founders. We strive to put ourselves in alignment with the entrepreneurs of a business every step of the way.

Big Window’s focus is on early-stage entrepreneurs in Washington that want to disrupt the businesses of Washington: politics, government and media. We support firms for up to six months with the expectation that they’ll be in the track to sustainable profitability by the end of that term.

If you think you’d be a good match for us, apply.