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The Companies We Help Start

Big Window Labs is actively supporting several new businesses and is recruiting new entrepreneurs. Our initial class of companies isn't ready to be announced yet. Please check back later.

We help entrepreneurs make sustainable businesses and we believe that talented entrepreneurs can achieve a lot. So we work to find entrepreneurs that share our values first, and with good ideas second. We think small teams of two to three people can accomplish a lot, and when partnered with Big Window, they can accomplish a lot more. Attributes we look for in new entrepreneurs are:

  1. The desire to be disruptive in what's core to Washington, DC: Politics, Media, and Government
  2. The desire to create compelling work environments for the people you work with,
  3. The desire to make money by having great values,
  4. The desire to be part of a great community of other supportive entrepreneurs

That being said, some companies aren't for us. We've neither the patience nor the capital to take big risks. If you're looking to create the next Facebook or Google (or get acquired by either), you should consider a different partner. We want entrepreneurs that are looking to make good profits for themselves here in Washington, DC. The Zuckerbergs and the Brins we leave to Silicon Valley VCs and the like.

We're looking for great people that share our values and get along with us with well. To work with us, you don't need a killer idea as much as you need to be great. We can help you come up with a great idea and execute on it -- or if you have an idea and just need some help getting it off the ground, we will help you do that too. If you're interested, Apply to work with us


Big Window Labs also maintains co-working space to give our entrepreneurs fast access to great people. Companies in our co-working space include:

  • Fission Strategy A web development, design and social media marketing firm for non-profits and progressive organizations.
  • Jumpstart Labs A training organization that helps individuals and small businesses learn technology skills like Ruby On Rails, JQuery and more.

Interested in coworking with us? Contact us